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List of ITTF presidents
26/4/2005 16:28

Following is a list of International Table Tennis Federation presidents:

Ivor Montagu (1905-1984)
Montagu is 1 of 10 men who met in Germany in January 1926 and set in motion a series of events that made table tennis an international sport. In 1926, Montagu initiated the creation of the International Table Tennis Federation and served as its first president for 41 years until 1967. The ITTF began with four member countries and grew to 160 national associations during his leadership.
The constitution and laws of the sport of table tennis were adopted and the World Table Tennis Championships established during a meeting at the family home of Lord and Lady Swaythling, Montagu's parents. At age 18, he was a founder of the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA), and served as its chairman from 1923 to 1929, from 1932 to 1933, and again from 1936 to 1958. He was also the ETTA's president from 1927 to 1931 and 1958 to 1966.

H. Roy Evans (1909-1998)
Second ITTF President. Evans began to play table tennis in Wales at the age of 20 and had been an ITTF secretary until he took the helms of the ITTF In 1979. With his tenacious efforts, table tennis became an Olympic medal event in 1988.
In 1987, Evans lost his presidency to Japanese Ichiro Ogimura in a 65-39 voting in favor of the latter and was named ITTF honorary president. The men's World Cup - Evans Cup, was named after him.

Ichiro Ogimura (1932-1994)
Third ITTF President. Ogimura began to play table tennis at 16 and had won 12 world championship titles for Japan. He had been an ITTF executive board member and first vice president before he was voted as president In 1987. Thanks to Ogimura's efforts, South Korea and DPR Korea sent a historical joint team to the 1991 world championships.

Lollo Hammarlund (1932-1995)
Fourth ITTF president. Hammarlund had coached the Swedish team from 1958 to 1970 and was voted ITTF president in 1995. He died of an illness In October 1995. He was known as a fair sport leader.

Xu Yinsheng (1938-)
Fifth ITTF president. Xu was a key player in the Chinese men's team which won the 26th, 27th and 28th world team championships and later became head coach of the Chinese team. Xu, who had been Chinese vice sports minister, ITTF vice president, took the ITTF presidency in 1995. He proposed 40mm ball in an aim to make the sport more of a spectacle. He didn't seek ITTF reelection in 1999 and still holds the presidency of the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

Adam Sharara (1953-)
Sixth ITTF president. Born in Cairo, Sharara started to play table tennis at 10 and joined the Canadian national team in 19. He was voted as ITTF president in 1999. Under his leadership, the 40mm ball is used and 11-point scoring system adopted. As a reform-minded leader, Sharara put forward P4 policy (Participation, Popularity, Profit, Planning), which is the point of reference for all ITTF plans and activities and serves as the underlying philosophy of the ITTF.


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