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SEF chairman says ARATS chief's visit to Taiwan significant
30/10/2008 15:56

Chairman of the Taiwan-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chiang Pin-kung said the mainland delegation's visit to the island would be of historic significance.

The Chinese mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) president Chen Yunlin will lead a delegation to Taiwan from Nov. 3 to 7, the first meeting on the island between the two parties.

The trip comes in the wake of the manhandling by a mob of Zhang Mingqing, dean of journalism at the mainland's Xiamen University and ARATS vice-president, in Taiwan last week.

Chiang made the remark on Tuesday while attending a SEF meeting held in Taipei.

The meeting will also be the second contact of the two organizations' current leaders.

He said the meeting would focus on passenger and cargo transport across the Taiwan Strait and food safety issue.

He expected the meeting to come to some agreements beneficial for both sides, he said.

He also expressed hope that the mainland delegation could feel the hospitality of Taiwan people.