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DPRK urges US to give up hostile policy
13/12/2006 16:56

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) yesterday said that the United States should draw a lesson from its failing hostile policy against Pyongyang, and urged Washington to change its old attitude.

In a signed article published by the leading official newspaper Rondong Sinmun, the DPRK accused the United States of beefing up the military deployment against it, under a new military operational plan.

"The U.S.imperialists kicked up a hysteric row against the the DPRK in the sky and land and on the sea in and around South Korea by mobilizing their allies and even the nuclear carrier task force... ", said the newspaper.

The newspaper also said that the United States wanted to suppress the DPRK by means of raising sanctions and increasing pressure.

"It was their calculation that the Korean people would make a concession and yield to their gunboat diplomacy and horror strategy," said the Rondong Sinmun.

"The U.S. had better draw a serious lesson from its failure in its hostile policy toward the DPRK this year and make a switch-over in its policy," it added.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman announced on Monday that the six-party talks aimed at seeking a solution to the Korean peninsula nuclear issue would be resumed in Beijing on Dec.18.

This will be the first resumption of talks since the DPRK conducted an underground nuclear test on Oct. 9, triggering protests from the international community and complicating the Korean nuclear issue.

Xinhua News