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Shanghai, hub of luxury automobiles
28/7/2006 16:10

Kelly Chen/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai port has become the major import hub for luxury automobiles in China, including top brands like BMW and Porsche, according to Shanghai Customs.

In the first six months of 2006, Shanghai port imported 14,574 automobiles, 18 percent of the total volume in China. Approximately 5,793 BMW¡¯s and 1,073 Porsche¡¯s were imported at that time, consisting of 78 percent and 95percent of the national import amount. The tax levied reached 2.8 billion yuan (US$0.35 billion).

The average price of imported automobiles from January to June was over US$41,000 per vehicle, which is an 8 percent annual growth. Shanghai port has become the first choice of top ranked automobiles makers entering China¡¯s mainland market.

Multinational companies were the main powerhouses of luxury automobile imports. Sales centers and agencies of automobile makers like BMV and Porsche have settled down in Shanghai.