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Mayor Han inspects auto industry
25/10/2006 16:53

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

As the city's main industry, the automotive sector must focus on self-innovation and the development of its own brands, said Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng, when inspecting the city's auto industry yesterday.
At Tongji University, which cooperated with the Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp (SAIC) to develop fuel-cell vehicles, Mayor Han inspected the new generation of fuel-cell sedans and asked that they reduce the volume, weight and cost of the fuel cell system to enable the vehicles to hit the market as soon as possible.
At a seminar after the inspection, Mayor Han listened to the reports on the achievements made by Tongji University and the SAIC on the new-fuel vehicles. "China has the largest potential vehicle market in the world, so we must enhance our innovative ability to create our own brands," Mayor Han said.
Han Zheng also viewed the Roewe 750, known as the Rong Wei 750 in Chinese, the first mainland-based model unveiled by the SAIC yesterday.