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More University graduates break their contracts
2/6/2005 16:26

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Xiao Min, who graduated from university this year, hurried to sign an agreement with a local employer, but soon after he found a better job. Thus he had to break the contract with the former one and pay compensation.
He was not alone. An average of 10 percent of university graduates have broken contracts when hunting for jobs in recent years.
Lack of organization on both the employers and the graduates part is cited as the main reason for the situation, said an industry analyst. As March and April form the peak season for university graduates to hunt for jobs, they are usually in a rush to sign agreements with employers without thinking twice, he pointed out, adding that university graduates don't care about paying the penalty of no more than the equivalent of a month's salary.
However, employers are often frustrated by the frequent breaking of contracts. "It indicates that such university graduates lack credibility," said a supervisor at a Taiwan-invested company. "When we have prepared everything for the newcomer, but are told that they will not come here, we have to find another equally qualified candidate," the supervisor said. It costs them a lot of time and energy, he stressed.
University graduates nowadays lack decisiveness and like to compare their offers with each other, said a teacher in charge of university graduate employment affairs.