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White-collar workers take a break
12/7/2005 17:36

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Zhu resigned from a Japanese company last weekend, because he wanted to have a summer holiday.
He was not alone.
According to a survey by Zhaopin, one of the country's leading web-based headhunters, many white-collar employees from foreign-invested companies, especially those engaged in marketing, sales and public relations, have quit to beat the heat.
"It is too exhausting to work in such scorching weather, and I want to spend the summer studying and resting," Zhu said. "I will read more books on management and software at home, and when autumn arrives, I will hunt for jobs," he added.
A growing number of white-collar professionals with high-level positions and incomes spend the summer traveling abroad or studying, said Liang, an industry analyst, adding that these people are usually financially independent.
Summer is usually the slow-season in the labor market, but online recruitment is proving more and more popular, with website clicks 20-30 percent higher than in the previous month.