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SOHO life: a barrier to career-progression?
17/8/2005 16:01

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

After leading a SOHO (small office home office) life for three years, Wang Yan, a Shanghaiese, was rejected by seven employers who cited her lack of teamwork experience, today's Oriental Morning Post reported.
Wang showed outstanding work ability at university and after graduation, when she decided to lead a life of SOHO - operating an online store and doing planning work for some customers. However, after three years, she frequently suffered from insomnia and low work efficiency. A doctor with the Shanghai Mental Health Center suggested she change her work environment - and look for a job.
Wang sent her resume to a famous advertising company, but was rejected. "I am sorry, we have recruited people leading SOHO lives before, but they don't stay long and they usually cannot get along with their colleagues or supervisors," the human resources supervisor stated in reply.
For the second attempt, she applied for the position of general supervisor of a planning department at a foreign-invested firm, and was told that the candidates should have at least three years' teamwork experience.
Wang was rejected seven times in total, for much the same reasons - lack of teamwork experience and communication ability.
People leading the SOHO life work at home alone, with narrow life spaces, so only those with strong self-discipline and perseverance are suitable for such a life, said Li Xuehai of the Shanghai Mental Health Center.