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Recommendation: the most efficient way to secure a job
31/8/2005 17:16

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Recommendation by relatives and friends is considered the most efficient way to find a job, according to a survey of more than 4,000 local people, today's Laodong Daily reported.
Replying to the question of what is the most efficient way to find a job, 42 percent of respondents considered recommendation by relatives or friends as the best way; 33 percent preferred hunting for jobs via the Internet, 29 percent thought that seeking help from the labor and social security department was the best way and 25 percent of interviewees opted to seek jobs at job fairs.
Fifty-seven percent of respondents would seek ideas and help from their relatives or friends if they encounter difficulties in their hunt for a job, the survey indicated.
Lack of work experience is considered one of the main factors hindering young people in the job market, said a survey analyst.