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Newlyweds in need of housekeepers
12/10/2005 18:05

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

With many young people embarking on married life over the recent National Day holiday week, demand for domestic helpers to specifically serve newlyweds is on the rise, reported.
Shanghai is short of more than 1,000 such domestic helpers, with demand expected to increase next year in line with the increasing number of newlyweds.
"They charge nearly 600 yuan (US$74) per week, higher than that of ordinary housekeepers, and besides doing housework they need to teach young couples cooking and cleaning skills," said a spokesman with the Shanghai Laibang Housekeeping Co. However, such helpers are usually employed on a short-term basis ranging from a month to half a year until they complete their teaching tasks, the spokesman pointed out.
To satisfy the growing demand after the National Day holiday, training for such helpers, mainly aged between 45 and 50, began in September. They are required to master not only cooking and housekeeping skills, but how to use and maintain fashionable home furnishings as well, the spokesman said, adding that all of them have already found employment.