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City to recruit overseas talents
28/10/2005 17:24

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai will head overseas early next month to recruit Chinese talents studying there, as part of a local program to attract 10,000 overseas Chinese students to work in the city, today's Youth Post reported.
The program, starting in 2003, has attracted more than 8,000 such talents to date, so nearly 2,000 more will be needed.
In early November and December, local recruitment delegation will go to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to seek qualifiers for hundreds of senior-level technological and management positions in government institutions, large and mid-sized state-owned enterprises, universities and financial institutions.
Such talents will fill the gap of local demands for high-tech, pillar industries, key engineering and technological sectors, said an industry analyst.
The previous two overseas job fairs have received strong responses there.