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City in great need of technical workers
1/11/2005 16:57

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai had a growing demand for technical workers in the third quarter of this year, especially for professional technicians, according to the Shanghai job recommendation center yesterday, as cited in today's Laodong Daily.
The number of job applicants still exceeded market demand from July to September, with 14,000 companies offering a total of 393,000 jobs and 405,000 people hunting for jobs.
Jobs related to car manufacturing, electronic production, environmental protection, IT and international business industries failed to find applicants of the required standard.
The city planned to recruit 180,000 technical workers in the third quarter of this year, with more than 40 percent mid and high-level professionals, such as cold machining, architectural engineering and chemical engineering personnel. However, less than 30 percent of the jobs needed applicants with at least a university associate degree.
Technicians, with
good professional skills despite having lower educational credentials, have become a hot property in the job market, said an industry analyst.
Previously, joint-venture companies were in great need of professional technical workers, but now private firms have joined them, the analyst pointed out.
The business services sector accounted for 42.1 percent of the jobs, followed by the wholesale & retail sector (19 percent) and manufacturing (11.8 percent). People with strong proficiency in English can achieve higher incomes, it was noted.