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High-income earners vie for government jobs
23/11/2005 17:23

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

More than 40,000 people have signed-up for Shanghai's Civil Servants Examination this year, including a growing number of well-paid white-collar employees, reported.
Last year, only one of every 15 candidates was recruited. The city plans to recruit more than 2,300 civil servants this year. Although the demand has increased from last year, there are more candidates this year, so the proportion recruited will be lower, said an industry analyst.
Not only university graduates but also well-paid white-collar employees at foreign companies have joined the candidates.
High-income and comparatively relaxed work is considered a key reason for the attractiveness of the positions. Wang, working for a famous foreign company since graduation, can earn up to 10,000 yuan (US$1,230) a month, plus bonus and perks. "I signed-up for the test secretly. My existing job, though high-income, is really exhausting. I usually work 12 hours a day and often do overtime at weekends, which is harmful to my health," Wang explained, adding that working as a civil servant is comparatively relaxed, and if she is recruited, she will quit her current job.
Some white-collar employees consider government jobs more stable. Mr. Zhang, doing sales for a private firm, can earn up to 150,000 yuan per annum. "I feel insecure in my job, so I signed-up for the examination," Zhang said.
People shouldn't sign-up for the test blindly, as such positions are not as well-paid and relaxed as imagined. Practical administrative ability is emphasised, with technical requirements added, said Xu Jinglin, director with the administration office of civil servants with the Shanghai Personnel Bureau, adding that they also face regular assessment and those failing the checks are laid-off.
In addition, more than 17,000 candidates from Shanghai have applied to take the national recruitment test for civil servants this year.