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Zhejiang headhunts local talents
5/12/2005 16:42

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

A recruitment delegation from neighbouring Zhejiang Province offered more than 3,200 jobs to highly-qualified personnel in Shanghai yesterday, but perhaps in a furtive way.
The job fair, held at the Hongqiao Hotel, set a high threshold for applicants, with only those at department manager-level or above, or university graduates with at least a Bachelor's degree, being given access.
With most of the jobs offering an annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan (US$12,000), the fair attracted more than 6,000 participants.
Unlike 'normal' fairs where each company has a booth, on this occasion each company conducted their interviews in hotel rooms so as to protect applicants' privacy.
Recruitment information was made available, with room numbers displayed along with the details of the individual companies. Applicants who were interested in the companies could go to the designated rooms for further contact with the employers.
"Interviewing in a private room, even with the TV on, makes for a relaxed atmosphere," said an interviewee.
Zhang, a department manager with a local electronics company, was happy with the interview. "It respects the applicants' privacy and enables us to avoid bumping into people we know. No one wants their boss to know that they want to change jobs before they have lined-up a new one," Zhang explained.
Companies from Zhejiang Province intend to recruit in Shanghai in such a way every year, said a spokesman for the fair.