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University graduates frustrated at job fair
12/12/2005 17:11

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

The high recruitment requirements imposed by the city's public service units scared away many university graduates from a job fair yesterday, reported today.
The job fair, specifically for public service units to recruit university graduates, attracted more than 30 public units and 3,000 students. Universities such as the East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Donghua University, Shanghai Academy of Science and medical and scientific research units were offering a total of more than 300 positions.
However, the high requirements frustrated many graduates. For example, an administrative position requires applicants to have a Master's degree, two or three-years work experience and Party member status. Some positions were designated as for males only.
It is very hard for a female university graduate with a Bachelor's degree to qualify for the jobs on offer, said one candidate.
Such job fairs offer a good opportunity for university graduates to find jobs, but the high thresholds have discouraged many of them, said an analyst.