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White-collar employees not in the mood for work
6/1/2006 16:11

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

A growing number of young white-collar employees have no appetite for work after the New Year holiday and are longing for the upcoming week-long Spring Festival vacation that commences on January 29, reported today.
The number of young workers attending psychological consultations has increased by nearly 20 percent compared to a year ago. Most of them said that the three-day New Year holiday is not enough so they are awaiting the Spring Festival and cannot concentrate on their work, said a spokesman with a psychological consulting institute in Hongkou District.
"I was busy meeting with friends and shopping during the New Year holiday and haven't rested for a while, so I cannot adapt myself to work after the holiday," said Zhang, an employee at a law office, adding that she has planned so many activities for the Spring Festival holiday that she has no mood for work now.
Many residents find it hard to acclimatize to normal work after the New Year holiday, and they need to adjust and manage the pressure, said a doctor at a mental health center. During holidays, many young people sleep in the daytime and party at night, which can easily cause mental fatigue, the doctor explained, adding that winter with its lack of sunshine is a peak time for incidences of psychological illness.