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Many to change jobs after holiday
23/1/2006 16:43

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

A peak time for changing jobs is after the Spring Festival holiday, and human resources experts suggested that employees be more cautious before making decisions, reported today.
"Finally, I can resign after getting my year-end bonus," said Chen, a local white-collar worker. Chen was not alone. The time around the Spring Festival holiday is usually considered the best period for changing jobs. "The year-end is usually the time of year-end bonuses and the end of work contracts. With more job vacancies expected, it is the right time to seek a better job," Chen explained, adding that his discrete preparations started at the end of last year.
According to an online survey of more than 5,000 white-collar workers, 60 percent have thought of changing jobs. Among the interviewees who have changed jobs, 35 percent have changed once, 23 percent twice and 19 percent three times, with the balance changing more than three times.
To gain more experience, to seek a better job and to acquire more knowledge were cited as the top reasons for job-changing.
There is nothing wrong with looking for a better job, but white-collar employees should be more cautious and rational before making decisions, as frequent job-changes are not good for their career development, and will cast doubt on their loyalty.