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Part-time jobs favored
16/8/2006 18:00

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Part-time jobs, which offer comparatively higher pay than internships, have made them popular among university students during the summer vacation, while working as interns or seeking jobs are less favored, the Shanghai Morning Post reported today.
University students in the city are busy doing part-time jobs for their summer vacation, with monthly incomes of up to 5,000 yuan (US$625). They are mostly doing tutoring, designing software or doing market promotion.
Xiao Yang, a junior student, did market promotion for a media company and taught English during the summer vacation, which earned her 5,000 yuan a month. "The money is easy to come by," she said.
Like Xiao Yang, many university students have higher incomes than that of full-time white-collar employees. "There are plenty of part-time job ads on our campus bulletin, so it's not hard for us to find several part-time jobs," said Xiao Liu, a junior student of East China Normal University, adding that most part-time jobs are very simple.
A full-time job after graduation, however, usually pays around 1,000-2,000 yuan a month and has higher workloads and greater pressure. "I plan to do part-time jobs after graduation rather than finding a full-time one. Although I cannot learn much from those jobs, I can earn money," said another student.