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City's human resource guidebook published
24/8/2006 17:09

Kelly Chen/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai human resource guidebook was published by the Shanghai Personnel Bureau yesterday, focusing on six key industries including automobiles, aviation, engineering, equipment manufacturing, shipping manufacturing and metro line engineering.

According to the report by the Shanghai Personnel Bureau, the imbalance in the human resource structure is obvious, and the city is still in need of leading characters in the key industries. The quality and ability of the employees still cannot meet the demands of the rapid development.

The guidebook gave a category for each demand type, ability and experiences that employees need in these six key industries. Also a list of related policies and services the government will provide are contained in the guidebook.

Shanghai issued the first guidebook on human resources last year, covering another six key industries including culture, finance, port transportation, biology and medical, new material and information technology. These two guidebooks involve almost all of the modern service industries and advanced manufacturing industries, which are being developed into a priority during the¡°11th Five Year Plan.¡±

The first guidebook has now become a reference to related departments. For instance, Shanghai Maritime University adjusted the college setting of spatiality courses to cultivate professionals majoring in port transportation, which are in great demand in Shanghai.

The government also offered further investment in the city's key industries.