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University students encouraged to create their own business
23/10/2006 15:58

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Universities in the city are focusing on guiding students to start their own businesses, with special courses and training offered.
The Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) will provide this training to the students throughout their four-year programs. Freshmen will take management courses and do case studies about starting small and mid-sized companies, and will visit relevant companies for hands on experience. Sophomores and juniors will have finance, sales administration, negotiation and business exchange courses, while seniors are given direction to create their own business.
Fudan University asks their students to take assessments at local employment guidance centers and those with potential to create their own business will be encouraged to do so. Shanghai Normal University's festival for students to start their own business has gained support from the top 500 global enterprises. Shanghai Jiaotong University holds a contest every year for students to present their business plans, attracting 300-400 participants.
Universities will also support those who create their own business after graduation, by providing classes on relevant laws, regulations and management procedures, with successful entrepreneurs as guides.