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Migrant workers get salaries back
17/11/2006 17:31

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

All of Shanghai's migrant workers have received their overdue salaries, with nearly 700 million yuan (US$89 million) reimbursed over the past three years, Shanghai Municipal government spokeswoman Jiao Yang said at yesterday's regular press conference.
By the end of last year, up to four million people from outside the city had worked in Shanghai, with migrant laborers accounting for nearly 85 percent. Migrant workers help boost the city's local economic development. To protect their legal rights, the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau is offering around-the-year services for them. Upon receiving reports from its hotline, the authority will take prompt action. Nearly 750,000 migrant workers received a delayed payment of nearly 700 million yuan over the past three years, Jiao said.
To save costs for these workers, local districts and counties established labor-dispute solving institutions, with a total of 30,000 disputes resolved and more than 100 million yuan reimbursed for 50,000-plus workers, Jiao stressed.
Migrant workers can enjoy the same employment services as locals, including free job introductions, guidance, policy-consulting and insurance payments. The city has carried out equal labor policies for both migrant workers and local residents, including minimum wage, work hours and conditions, Jiao said.
Shanghai will establish a system specifically to solve the overdue salary problem of migrant workers to enhance management of their employment.