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Lack of interest in New Year tours
27/12/2005 18:04

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Busy year-end work and study schedules have cooled demand for tours over the New Year's Day holiday (from January 1 to 3), reported today.
Compared with Christmas tours, those on the New Year's Day holiday are less welcomed. Actually, no boom in business has been recorded for nearly every year's New Year's Day holiday. This year the holiday is close to the Chinese Spring Festival, and most employees are busy completing their work projects, with local students busy preparing for their finals, explained Zhu Feng, manager at the headquarters of Shanghai Great World International Travel Service.
In response, tour prices have declined to off-season levels. Shanghai Spring International Travel Service charges from only 700 yuan (US$86) to 1,000-plus yuan for a five-day tour of Hainan Province, while the price for a similar itinerary will increase to 4,200 yuan during the Spring Festival holiday.
The price for a three-day tour to Yandang Mountain has declined from more than 500 yuan to 450 yuan during the New Years' Day holiday, while that for a three-day tour to the Grand Canyon in Zhedong dropped from 328 to 268 yuan, according to the special offers advertised by Shanghai Great World International Travel Service.