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Spring Airlines benefits 'new' Shanghainese
4/1/2006 17:46

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Those of the more than three million workers and students from outside the city, the so-called 'new' Shanghaiese, who want to invite their parents to spend the Spring Festival holiday in the city, can get up to 70 percent discounts on airfares, according to Spring Airlines Co., Ltd, reported today.
Spring Airlines, a budget airline founded by the Spring International Travel Service, is offering discounted round-trip tickets enabling parents to come to the city before the holiday (from January 23 to 30) and leave the city after it (from February 5 to 11). Tickets booked  will be mailed to the parents directly.
Passengers can book and obtain tickets from January 1 to 25 by dialing a hotline (62692626). A total of about 3,000 discount air-tickets are available, covering all the routes except Haikou and Sanya.
The regulation that passengers with Spring Airlines could no longer have free mineral water as of this year has been delayed so that passengers can still enjoy it now, according to the spokesman with Spring Airlines.