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Preferential policy for bus passengers
11/1/2006 17:37

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Bus passengers paying by means of public transport cards are expected to enjoy discounts by the latter half of this year, as part of government measures to encourage residents to take more buses and thus ease traffic congestion, according to the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Bureau.
The details will be revealed later this year.
A total of 44 companies operate more than 900 bus routes in Shanghai, with most routes in urban areas being run by Shanghai Bashi Group and Dazhong Transport Group and their affiliates.
The allocation of revenues among the different operators presents a problem, and a uniform and comprehensive public transport ticket-settlement system is expected to be established before the preferential policies are put in place, said an industry analyst.
By the end of the year, all local buses will be equipped with card-recognition equipment for public transport card holders.
Rail transport passengers with public transport cards already enjoy discounts. Since November last year, a metro passenger paying 70 yuan (US$8.6) using the same public transport card within a given month qualifies for a 10 percent discount on each additional journey that month.