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Travelers prefer one-stop tours
13/1/2006 16:57

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Local residents are tired of traveling to many countries on one trip and only taking pictures at famous scenic spots, and they now want to understand more about their travel destinations.
The previously popular multi-itinerary overseas tours are not selling for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, and more travelers are opting to select just the one destination that they favor most, according to local travel agencies yesterday.
"We still have vacancies for an eight-day tour to five countries and a 13-day tour to ten European countries over the Spring Festival holiday. However, our 12-day tour to Australia and New Zealand and 11-day tour to France and Italy are already fully-booked," said Li Weiming of Shanghai Spring International Travel Service.
Tours to South East Asian countries, though with continual price reductions, are still proving less attractive than European tours. Destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore have recorded nearly 300 tourists for the Spring Festival vacation, with five-day independent tours to the Island of Saipan, priced at around 4,700 yuan (US$582), proving the most popular among South East Asian destinations.