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Second overseas budget carrier to commence operations in China
20/1/2006 17:14

Jane Chen / Shanghai Daily news

Following Thai AirAsia, Singapore Tiger Airways Pte Ltd has become the second overseas budget airline approved to enter China's aviation market, today's Shanghai Securities News reported.
Citing an official with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the report said the authority has approved Tiger Airways' proposal, submitted in December, to commence two flights between the island nation and China.
The two routes, from Singapore's Changi Airport to China's Meilan International Airport on Hainan Island and to Shenzhen International Airport, will be launched as soon as April, the official predicted.
Price details of the services are not yet available.
The new face will not upset its Chinese counterparts, however.
Citing the different business scopes, Liu Jieyin, director and president with China's first budget carrier Okay Airways Co., said "we are focusing on domestic routes, while, so far, the incoming overseas rivals are only operating international services."
Though he expects domestic routes to eventually become open to overseas carriers, he said the Chinese firms are safe before that time.
Established in December 2003, Tiger Airways now serves ten cities around Asia with a fleet of four new Airbus A320 aircraft.
Singapore Airlines Limited holds a 49 percent stake in the company with three other companies holding the balance.
Prior to this, last year AirAsia was the first overseas budget carrier to enter China by launching a flight between China's Xiamen and Bangkok in Thailand at a price of 299 yuan (US$37).