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City assists delayed tourists
20/1/2006 17:39

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

The local transport authority has triggered its emergency-response system to help minimize the impact of bad weather in north China on travellers over the Spring Festival peak travel period, reported today.
Shanghai Railway Station recorded six trains delayed this morning, with the No.1657 train from Luoyang to Shanghai postponed for six hours yesterday and that from Urumqi to Shanghai late by 11 hours. The delays also affected the trains leaving Shanghai, stranding thousands of passengers at the station. Shanghai Railway Station opened ticket-return and switching services yesterday, helping to cut the number of stranded passengers to 2,000 by this morning. Yesterday afternoon, the station opened the underground parking lot at the southern square as a temporary waiting area, attracting nearly 4,000 of those affected. The temporary waiting area can hold up to 10,000 passengers.
Two local airports reported normal operations this morning, with no passengers delayed. The Zhengzhou Airport, hit by large snowfalls yesterday, suspended all flights during the day, but by 9:15 last night all the delayed flights had resumed operations. Scheduled flights between Zhengzhou and Shanghai were normal this morning.
Rain and snow in north China hasn't had a large impact on Shanghai's long-distance passenger transport. The day before yesterday, highways in Xi'an were closed due to snow, so long-haul buses from Xi'an to Shanghai had to take other routes and have arrived in the city.
With 140 buses added to schedules, a total of 1,100 long-haul buses were scheduled yesterday, carrying 24,500 passengers. The peak period will be from January 25 to 27, with 40,000-45,000 passengers expected on January 26.