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Chongming Island: a step closer to a tourist resort
5/7/2006 17:01

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

The first-phase of construction off Mingzhu Lake or the Bright Pearl Lake, in Chongming County has been completed, as part of the plan to turn the area into a tourist resort.

Bright Peal Lake, located in the southwest area of Chongming Island, has a water-surface area of more than 3,000 meters from north to south, and is nearly 1,000 meters from east to west, with a water capacity of five million cubic meters. The area, with good air and water quality, is an ideal resort destination for tourists.

According to the general plan for Chongming Island, the area, with a total floor space of 10 square kilometers, is expected to be transformed into a scenic exhibition place for international conferences and vacationers.

The first-phase project, with an investment of 124.5 million yuan (US$15.6 million), mainly covered greenery renovations and sightseeing-street construction.

Two yacht docks are also being planned for the area.

A large number of wild flowers and natural plant life in the construction project area will be left untouched, along with the flourishing forest, which attracts many wild animals.

The second-phase of the project will start construction after a public bidding is held early this month.