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Chongming aims to be green for tourism
14/7/2006 13:14

Chen Li/ Shanghai Daily News

The development of Chongming Island will play a major role in expanding Shanghai's recreational facilities by 2010 with a friendly environmental policy, the Chongming County government said today.

The government said it will limit the number of autos getting onto the island and promote environmentally friendly fuel to preserve the landscape of the island.

The county government also plans to develop tourism on the third largest island in China. The Chongming County government said it will introduce the Queen Mary, a retired world-class luxury ship, to the island to cater to the needs of well-off city dwellers.

Three months ago, the government worked out regulations to monitor industries and control water pollution while pledging to build more green projects for natural surroundings.

These regulations mainly covered water quality, air quality, rubbish treatment and the greenery industry in the island district.