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Hong Kong tour prices to increase
2/8/2006 18:22

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Some Hong Kong travel agencies have decided to reject shopping tours from Shanghai between August 11 and 20 and raise accommodation fees for Shanghai package tours to HK$300 (US$38.8) per night during the period.
As some tourists from Shanghai rejected shopping at designated stores, several Hong Kong travel agencies have formed a union to reject shopping tours from the city.
"We have received a notice from the union, but we don't know which travel agencies are included. However, it only represents the attitude of a minority group," said Cao Xi, general manager with the sales department of Shanghai China Youth Travel Service Tour Corporation.
It is currently peak season to travel to Hong Kong because of various conferences, so costs for Hong Kong travel agencies are on the rise, which is likely the real reason for them to reject shopping tours from the city, Cao pointed out.
After the notice was issued, the Hong Kong tour-guide union also asked for an increase in tips for tour-guides from 20 to 50 yuan a day as of August. Therefore, for a four-day tour to Hong Kong, tourists would have to pay 120 yuan more than before.
The circular from the union is expected to drive up Hong Kong tour prices, said an industry analyst, adding that local travel agencies should seek cooperative partners in Hong Kong with good credit to avoid price wars.