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Switzerland woos Chinese tourists
4/8/2006 16:26

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Travel-buffs who want to sightsee in Switzerland now have more options, thanks to various promotions offered by the Switzerland Tourism Bureau to woo Chinese tourists, the Youth Post reported today.

Chinese tourists usually stay in Switzerland for only one day on average, as it's only one part of their multi-itinerary tour of Europe. One day is far from enough time to travel to the country with abundant scenic spots and profound culture, said Lin Yuru, a spokesman with the Geneva Tourism Board's Great China region, who came to Shanghai recently to promote the tours.

"For individual travelers, we offer voice-introductions to our scenic spots in Chinese, and we also offer Chinese restaurants and Chinese herbal treatment centers," Lin said.

The more time a tourist spends in a place, the more spending he or she will do. Therefore, every country or area wants travelers to stay as long as possible. Since last year, France, Italy, the UK and northern Europe began to develop one-country tours, so travelers would stay in one region longer and experience more of its sights.

Switzerland is no exception, but without the adequate promotion and its high prices, the one-country tour has received a cold shoulder since it hit the Shanghai market at the end of last year.

"There is only one such tour to Switzerland in Shanghai every month," Lin said, adding that various sports, events and festivals in Switzerland are expected to attract more package tour groups and individuals.