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City welcomes Gotheborg
15/8/2006 16:32

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

The Swedish ship Gotheborg will arrive in Shanghai on August 29, the last stop of its global tour, and will dock along the Bund for two months and open to visitors.
The ship will leave Guangzhou on August 18 and is expected to reach Shanghai after ten days. A 500-meter-long artificial beach will be built temporarily from Gaoyang Road to Lvshun Road in the northern Bund to welcome the ship. During the two months, a large exhibition will also be held there to feature navigation items from six countries where Gotheborg has passed through, such as Sweden, Spain and Brazil.
According to a survey of more than 300 young people in Shanghai, 67.9 percent have heard about the ship, with nearly 80 percent expecting to visit it.
Two local white-collars have been selected as volunteers for the Swedish ship during a competition which attracted 200 candidates. Bao Jixun and Dong Yijing will fly to Guangzhou today and receive a three-day navigational training and return to the city on August 29. On the ship, they will do the same work as sailors, such as cleaning the deck and helping in the kitchen.