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Local events accessible to Hong Kong and Macau
24/8/2006 17:08

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Residents of Hong Kong and Macau will be able to book tickets for various events in Shanghai, without leaving their hometown, thanks to a cooperative deal inked between Shanghai and Hong Kong.
From August 22 to 24, a Shanghai delegation, led by Vice Mayor Yang Xiaodu, went to Hong Kong and Macau to hold a press conference on collaboration and cultural exchanges, tourism and sports, with a cooperative agreement inked. Shanghai East Ticket Co Ltd has set up two ticket offices in Hong Kong and Macau during the period to offer convenience to residents who want to book event tickets in Shanghai.
Shanghai will host six major events this fall, namely the Shanghai Tourism Festival, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai Golden Grand Prix track and field event, the Chinese Grand Prix Formula One race, the ATP Tennis Masters Cup and the Shanghai International Marathon. The event organizers have introduced the events at the press conference, which aroused a strong interest.
A Shanghai picture-exhibition was also held in the Macau Town.