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Gotheborg opens to public soon
1/9/2006 16:46

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Local residents can visit the Swedish merchant ship Gotheborg when it opens to the public in three or four days, with an entrance fee of around 30-50 yuan (US$3.80-US$6.20), according to the Hongkou District government yesterday.
The Gotheborg, a replica of an 18th century merchant ship that sailed the seas between Sweden and China, dropped anchor in Shanghai on August 29. It is now undergoing security checks before it opens to the public, said an industry analyst, adding that a guide map of the ship is being prepared.
During the ship's stay in Guangzhou, visitors had to go through a security checkpoint before boarding the ship. Therefore, such a measure will likely to be done in Shanghai, the analyst pointed out.
The Gotheborg left its home port on October 2 for a voyage to mark the friendship between Sweden and China. It made port stops in Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. The last leg of the journey was between Guangzhou and Shanghai.