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Military coup delays tourists to Thailand
21/9/2006 17:41

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

More tourists who planned to visit Thailand for the upcoming National Day holiday either canceled or delayed their trips in fear of the possible dangers caused by the military coup in the country that happened this past Tuesday, today's Youth Post reported.
At present, nearly 300 Shanghai tourists are still in Thailand, with no accidents reported to date, according to local travel agencies.
The military coup hasn't affected Phuket Island, which full of tourists, said a Shanghai tourist in Phuket yesterday.
A package tour, which was going to be added today, has been delayed, with half of the tourists canceling and the other half asking for a delay, said Zhang Huizhu, general manager of the outbound department of the Shanghai China International Travel Service Co Ltd.
At least 2,000-3,000 tourists booked tours to Thailand for the weeklong National Day holiday. Ctrip, one of the leading online travel service websites, has established emergency-response teams to handle the affair, suggesting tourists cancel their tours and they will refund their tickets, though the visa-handling fee is nonrefundable.
Some travel agencies still have a wait-and-see type of attitude. "If the coup is appeased, our tours will set off as planned, or we will refund all the costs to our customers," said a spokesman with a local travel agency, adding that they have to negotiate with airlines first, as they have already paid the deposit.
Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administrative Commission warned yesterday that local travel agencies should keep a close eye on the situation in Thailand and keep in contact with the local reception agencies and the Chinese embassy in Thailand to ensure the security of Chinese citizens.