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Beijing-bound "bullets" to undergo trial run in the city
16/1/2007 17:39

Shanghai Daily news

Four new domestic high-speed trains arrived in Shanghai yesterday morning to experience a series of tests before being put into use.

The new trains, featuring a bullet-like shape, are in place for the upcoming 6th nationwide railway speed-up. From April 18, China will speed up its railway for the sixth time.

The maximum speed of the train is expected to reach 200 to 250 kilometers an hour on the route linking Beijing and Shanghai, cutting two hours off the present 12-hour trip.

Each train is composed of eight cars, with the first and the last one serving as a cab and the other six as passenger carriages and dining cars. The trains are also different from traditional electric locomotives and diesel locomotives whose motors are placed on the locomotive only, as each car of the new CRH2 high-speed train has its own power unit. The interior layout and decoration of the "bullet" is better than the current trains with a more comfortable travel environment with added spaciousness. Entertainment venues such as pubs are also equipped on the high-speed train.