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City establishes food supervision system
5/12/2006 16:32

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai has framed a dynamic food supervision system with 79 pollutant-monitoring sites to keep a close eye on the city's food quality, according to the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Bureau yesterday.
The 79 sites, established last year in wholesale markets, trade markets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and mid and small-sized retailers citywide, will monitor the food quality on a regular basis by covering more than 130 pollutants, including residual pesticide, heavy metals, natural toxins and other harmful contents. The inspection will also focus on cancer-causing obstacles such as malachite green and Sudan IV.
The inspection, mainly on products like grain, eggs, meat, aquatic products, tea, fruits and dairy products, will cover the overall food safety situation in the city, said an expert with the Shanghai Food and Drug Administrative Bureau. Since last year, local food has passed more than 98 percent of these checks, so local food is safe to eat, the expert stressed.