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High-quality vegetables available for residents
19/12/2006 16:56

Katia Deng/ Shanghai Daily news

Three franchised agricultural products stores opened in Xuhui District yesterday, to cater to near-by residents who want to buy non-polluted vegetables and other guaranteed high quality agricultural products.

Up to now in the city, 43 franchised stores operate in the city's standard food markets and the figure will grow to more than 200 next year.

The non-polluted vegetables provided by Xinhui Company, the company which established the first national tracing system on the quality of vegetables in 2002. The company has targeted the foreign export market but with the rising demand from Shanghai residents it has turned to the domestic market.

High-tech rice, meat and dairy products began to appear in recent years.

The new franchised stores in Xuhui also offer favorable prices to residents. A staff member at one of the stores explained that the products were transported straight from the production base cutting out many intermediate steps. So the savings go to the residents.