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TOEFL tests will go off as planned
12/1/2007 18:00

Katia Deng/ Shanghai Dialy news

The newly reformed Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be held tomorrow as scheduled for the first time in 2007. The damaged communication cables from the Taiwan earthquake will not affect the online test, said a staff member from the test center of the Ministry of Education.

"To ensure the TOEFL goes as planned, we have been testing our system over recent days and made full preparations," a teacher from East China Normal University said, adding that the rumor the test would be delayed because of the damaged cables was false. If there is a valid reason for a suspension like an emergency, the examinee will receive some form of compensation, a service member of the Internet-based TOEFL test added.

The examinees that plan to attend tomorrow's test can apply for 2008 overseas school enrollments as long as they receive their grades by this October, the director surnamed Wang from the examination center of Shanghai New Oriental said.