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City: one of top global ports
8/12/2006 16:34

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai is one step closer to becoming an international shipping center this year, after handling a total of 19.79 million TEUs (20-foot-equivalent units) of containers from January to November, up 19.7 percent from the previous year, according to a government press conference yesterday.
By the end of last month, the Yangshan Deep-Water Port's first phase, which was put into operation on December 10, last year, had welcomed 3,775 container ships and handled a total of three million TEUs, exceeding its design capacity.
China's rapid economic growth and preferential government policies have facilitated the development of Shanghai's port.
The city will put the second phase of its Yangshan Deep-Water Port into operation on Sunday, boosting the facility's capacity by two-thirds. The new facility will be able to handle 2.1 million TEUs of containers a year and is equipped with four super-large berths, allowing it to serve some of the biggest ships on the seas, port operators said yesterday.
The port is ranked as the world's "top grade port" in terms of equipment, corporate management and operational efficiency.