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City opens second-phase of Yangshan Deep-water Port
11/12/2006 16:10

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng announced the official kick off of the second phase of the Yangshan Deep-Water Port yesterday morning and also a container turnover of more than 20 million so far this year.
The city retained its status as the world's third-largest container terminal port this year, next only to Hong Kong and Singapore, with its cargo turnover ranking No. 1 worldwide.
At present, the global top 20 shipping companies have opened routes in the city, with 30 international routes added this year and a monthly navigation frequency of 2,173. The routes have covered more than 300 ports in 200-plus countries and areas.
By the end of last month, the Yangshan Deep-Water Port's first phase, which was put into operation on December 10, last year, had welcomed 3,775 container ships and handled a total of three million TEUs (20-foot-equivalent units), exceeding its design capacity of 2.2 million.
The second-phase facility, completed in October this year, passed tests on November 6 and was put into trial operation on November 20.
The joint operation of the two phases will consolidate Shanghai's status as an international shipping hub and serve more of the Yangtze River Delta region.