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Satisfied Sao Paulo ends search for new players
26/12/2008 9:43

The reigning champions of the Brazilian soccer championship, Sao Paulo announced yesterday that they have hired all the help they need for the 2009 season.

The team's administration said that they have ceased their hunt for athletes to help them win the Libertadores Cup in 2009. Winning the Cup is the team's priority for the upcoming season.

According to the director of soccer of the team, Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes, the only reason that Sao Paulo would sign another player is if "a great deal comes along".

The last of six players signed during the off-season was the midfielder from Fluminense, Arouca. The player currently has a contract that will keep him at Fluminense until April. As soon as he is available, the player will head to Sao Paulo to begin his five year contract with the club.

The other five players to sign with Sao Paulo are midfielders Junior Cesar, Eduardo Costa and Wagner Diniz. The fullback, RenatoSilva and the striker, Washington, complete the list of six new faces at Sao Paulo.

The only two players who will not return to Sao Paulo in 2009 are the Anderson and Juninho, both fullbacks.

Anderson was not happy with his status as reserve during the 2008 Brazilian championship. He asked to be negotiated and was released on a loan to the French team of Lyon. Juninho, who arrived at the beginning of 2008, was never able to find a permanent spot within the team. Fluminense, Flamengo and Botafogo have all demonstrated interest in the player.

A rumored trade may be in the works between Flamengo's Ibson and Sao Paulo's Richarlyson. Ibson's agent, Eduardo Uram, suggested the trade. However, he has yet to be in contact with the administration at either of the clubs.