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Indonesia defeated by Saudi Arabia at last minute in Asian Cup
15/7/2007 11:32

Indonesia almost played a outstanding match but was defeated by Saudi Arabia at the last minute with 1-2 in group D at the AFC Asian Cup last evening.

With nearly 90,000 supporters including the president's attendance and cheering, the Indonesian team played offensive football with full confidence at the very beginning.

But at the 14th minute, Saudi Arabia broke the stalemate first. Captain and striker Yasser Al Qahtani received teammate's air pass in the forbidden zone and kicked header just outside the box successfully.

With stronger cheering, the Indonesians launched more attacks, and just 6 minutes later, by dint of opponents' misplay, Elie Aiboy, a small forward gave a suddenly blitz kick and bring the two teams at the same score.

In the second-half time, the Saudi Arabians at least had 3 times to score, but all missed or destroyed by tough defenders, and the Indonesians also produced a lot of troubles in the front of opponents' goal.

When audiences at spot were beginning to cheer the match would end with draw at the last minute, the Saudi Arabians won a freeball at the left corner of forbidden zone.

They used a seconded header to suddenly kill Indonesia by substitute Saad Al Harthi. The three Asian Cup champion finally showed their rich experience and roughly won the match to secure their qualification of the second round in this tournament.