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Hungarian judo celebrates centenary
3/11/2007 11:42

Sasaki Kichisaburo Cup, a judo competition marking the centenary of that sport in Hungary, started at Pestszentimre, a suburb of Budapest, yesterday.

The program features a series of sumo, aikido, shotokan karate and kendo events, to be crowned by two matches of the national judo teams of Hungary and Japan.

Sasaki Kichisaburo was an eminent judo master who introduced the sport in Hungary 100 years ago.

Addressing the event, Kichisaburo's grandson, nuclear physicist Shoji Nagamiya said, "Judo was one of Japan's first export items. In 1907 my late grandfather brought a batch of tatami mats to Hungary, trained 150 local youngsters in this martial art and wrote a book entitled Djudo in Budapest."