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Riots continue in Argentina amid summit of Americas
5/11/2005 11:08

Riots and violent clashes between police and demonstrators were continuing in the Argentine beach city of Mar del Plata and the capital Buenos Aires on Friday.
Dozens of people, including Mayor Daniel Katz of Mar del Plata and several policemen, were wounded in the clashes which began soon after the fourth Summit of the Americas began in the city, about 400 km south of Buenos Aires.
More than 65 people have been arrested in Mar del Plata, well-informed sources told Xinhua.
Heavily armed police fired tear gas to drive away demonstrators who gathered near the venue of the summit since Friday morning to protest against US foreign and trade policy, and the US-led war on Iraq.
Some 40,000 people joined the organized demonstrations. The angry demonstrators threw stones at police, set American national flags on fire, and attacked banks and stores nearby.
While the riots and violence in Mar del Plata were yet to be put under control, hundreds of protesters took to the street in downtown Buenos Aires.
Several stores and commercial institutions were set ablaze and seriously damaged.
Police detained a number of demonstrators to prevent the situation from swirling out of control.
No death was reported so far.
US President George W. Bush, who arrived in Mar Del Plata , Argentina Thursday night, was attending the two-day summit which will be focusing on topics like free trade and fighting poverty.
The Argentine authorities have mobilized some 35,000 policeman and government troops to guard against any possible terror attack.