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Officer killed in firefight with Taliban in S. Afghanistan
28/11/2005 16:58

One Afghan officer was killed and one soldier was injured Sunday evening after Taliban militants attacked a police car in the southern Afghan province of Zabul, a local official said Monday.
"Last evening in Mizan district, a police car came under attack by a group of Taliban militants. The police fought back and one officer was killed, one soldier was injured as the result. Taliban militants fled away afterwards," Haji Mohammad Yonus, district chief, told Xinhua.
"After that, local police conducted a search operation in the area and arrested 15 suspects," he added.
Zabul, together with Kandahar, Helmand and Uruzgan, the former stronghold of Taliban, has become a hotspot of Taliban militancy.
Two Taliban militants were killed, six were injured and two were captured Saturday after firefight with Afghan police in Sorai district of Zabul. The police also seized 10 types of weapons afterwards.
More than 1,500 people, with the majority of them Taliban militants, have been killed in the Taliban-linked militancy since the beginning of this year.

Xinhua News