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Bomb explosion injures foreign soldiers in S. Afghanistan
8/6/2006 17:31

Four foreign soldiers from the US- led Coalition were injured in a roadside bomb explosion Wednesday in the restive province of Zabul, the military said today.
"The incident took place 7:30 p.m. in Atghara district of Zabul when the Coalition forces were patrolling," Coalition spokesman Quentin Innis told Xinhua. One military vehicle was destroyed in the blast.
The wounded were sent to Kandahar field hospital and they were in stable condition, he added.
Earlier this week, two US soldiers were killed and three were injured as militants intensified attacks against foreign troop in the country.
Also on Wednesday, Taliban executed two policemen in Kandahar province, the former stronghold of Taliban.
Some 700 people mostly Taliban militants have lost their lives in Taliban-linked insurgency since beginning 2006.