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Police operation in Oaxacas "transparent": Mexican president
31/10/2006 16:42

Mexican President Vicente Fox said yesterday that he considered as "transparent" the operation of the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) to retake Oaxaca City's historical center.
On Sunday night, 6,000 PFP officers took back the control of the city from protestors who had been occupying it since May, following Saturday's armed clashes that left at least three people dead, eight more injured and some 50 in jail.
"One can say (the operation) was part of a democratic dialogue, the seeking of agreements and the implementation of order, and respect for the law," Fox told media.
The PFP, which took the city center in day light without the use of arms, neither killed nor wounded anyone, he said.
Fox, who will leave office on Nov. 30, said that the operation was overseen by the country's National Commission for Human Rights and Interior Ministry officials.
The five-month-long protests began with a teachers' strike for higher pay. In June, the strikers took over government offices demanding the resignation of Oaxaca State Governor Ulises Ruiz, whom they said had gone too far in putting down the demonstrations.
Also on Monday, Ruiz told a local radio that "errors had been committed," adding that his administration would continue talks with the central government, "because this is part of the willingness of my government to reach agreements."