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Musharraf says bombed school was training suicide bombers
12/11/2006 10:03

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said yesterday that suicide bombers were trained in the religious school being bombed days ago, which had killed 80 people, local private Geo TV reported.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a motorway in Lahore, he said madrassa in Bajur had been under observation for one year.

Pakistani opposition groups has said that those killed in the Islamic school were young students. They also said that the attack was carried out by the United States forces, not Pakistani forces.

President Musharraf said that the ages of those killed varied from 25 to 35 years old and that the training film of the militants was viewed by him just five minutes before the operation took place.

He accused head of the bombed madrassa Maulana Liaqat for training suicide bombers and said that terrorism and fundamentalism will be removed from the society with iron hand.

Pakistan security forces on Oct.30 bombed a religious seminary in the country's northwestern Bajur tribal region bordering Afghanistan, killing 80 people.

Xinhua News