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Afghan forces arrest over a dozen suspected insurgents
2/4/2008 16:28

Troops of Afghan government have captured more than a dozen suspected Taliban insurgents, a press release of Defense Ministry issued today said.
These insurgents according to the press release have been detained from southern and eastern provinces in separate operations conducted yesterday.
"Eight insurgents were captured from Shar-e-Safa district of Zabul province while five more were detained from Paktika and Khost provinces in east of the country," the press release added.
A quantity of arms and ammunition has also been recovered from the possession of the captured rebels, it further said.
Taliban militants have not made any comment so far.
Conflicts and Taliban-related violence have left more than 300 people dead so far this year in war-torn Afghanistan, where Taliban militants recently have vowed to launch the "Spring offensive" to intensify their guerrilla-style attacks on national army and foreign troops.